Minimalist Bloggers

December 7, 2010

There seems to be so many new minimalist themed blogs starting up.  I joined the one-week trial period for the recent A-List Blogging Bootcamp to check it out, and spent most my time browsing the forums.  Lots of people want to follow in Leo Babauta’s footsteps!  There were so many minimalist blogs linked to the forum avatars, all with 2-3 posts.  I wonder how many of them will stick with it.

You can also find plenty of new blogs by looking at the Daily Brainstorm meta site. Seems like every couple days I read about another blogger who has downsized to less than 100 things and is travelling the world.  And of course has an e-book for sale.

On twitter I said something like: “Am I the only minimalist who doesn’t blog about it?”  Then I remembered that I kinda do on this blog.  This blog is really about the process of getting rid of stuff, not a minimal lifestyle – although that is the goal.

This minimalist desire has been with me for a long time, probably starting around 1993.  At that time I was living in a small apartment (small on purpose) and began to realize other people were interested in this topic.  At the time it was called the “Voluntary Simplicity” movement.  Now it’s fashionable to be a minimalist.  Fashions come and go, but I am dedicated to living a simple life for the rest of my days.  Should I blog about it?  Add yet another voice to the choir?  First I need to get started on my e-book! 🙂


There was a pile building up here of things I wanted to auction off on eBay.  A couple weeks ago I finally got started listing them and had about 20 auctions going at once.  Now that’s done and most of them have already been shipped out.  Including both of my video encoder boxes, so if I want to watch TV now it has to be on Hulu or a network website.  My new rule for eBay is that I won’t bother listing it unless the estimated value is at least $15.  Cheaper garage-sale type items just aren’t worth the hassle in my opinion.


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