Reduction progress

November 15, 2010

Well, this was a productive weekend!

Some of my work clothes were getting a bit frayed, so I got them all together in one place and did a critical review.  I do laundry once a week so how many shirts do I need?  Decided to keep five of the best, and also mail ordered one more.

Only have one pair of work pants that fit, due to my recent weight gain.  Kept those and ordered one more pair.  The only non-work pants that fit me now are two pairs of jeans.  Kept those.  All the other pants were donated.  So, I did some serious minimizing on clothes.  When I go to work on Monday I’ll be wearing my only pair of pants that meet the dress code.  Except for my old suit, which is still too big on me, but could be worn if I ruin my pants before the new ones arrive in the mail.

Some of the jeans I donated were being kept in case I could fit into them again someday.  That’s not a good reason.  Buying too-small pants in the first place was a waste of money.

Another online purchase this weekend was a pair of eyeglasses.  I had another pair of cheap glasses I got online that were being used as reading glasses.  But after many attempts I was not able to adjust them so they fit me well.  It was just a really bad choice of frames (hard to do online).  So I put them in a bag along with all the other glasses I had stored away, and donated them all today.  Right now, for the first time in about 40 years, I have no spare glasses at all!  This is a strange feeling but okay.  My whole life I have only needed a spare about 1 or 2 times, so I’ll manage.  I bought a new pair online that hopefully will replace the ones I have now.

In addition, I finally listed my Grandmother’s old ironing board on Freecycle.  No takers.  I’ll relist in a week with the offer worded differently.  If there’s still no interest, I’ll try craigslist.  If that doesn’t work, what then?


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