Recent Accumulation Phase

July 10, 2010

I have a bad habit of browsing eBay to look at gadgets that I’m kind of interested in but really do not need to own.  Then I put in a low bid, much lower than what it’s worth according to completed auctions for similar stuff.  Once in a while I win them because no-one else bids!   My rationale is that I can try out the gadget for a while, then re-sell it with a better auction description and make a little money.  But it turns out that buying stuff on eBay is a lot easier than writing and posting auctions, so I tend to have a growing pile of things to list on eBay.

Unfortunately I’ve accumulated some extra body weight as well, gained back about 15 pounds.  I lost 90 pounds a couple years ago and since then have managed to keep my weight steady.  Lately though the old habits have started to come back.  Probably due to stress and a feeling of losing control over other areas of my life.

At my job I’ve taken on some new responsibilities, in addition to all the old ones.  The company is asking people to do more instead of hiring additional people.  The good part of that is I can be promoted and earn a bit more money.  But I’ll be busy and more tired every day.

So in general my life has been about gaining “more” so far this year.  As a minimalist I feel in my gut that this is not the right direction.  How should I reverse this trend?  One small step at a time, but which step?

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