Small Shoe Regret

March 15, 2010

Well I threw away a pair of shoes last week.  They were still usable.  Black office shoes, and a pretty good brand name.  The sole was worn so that the tread on the bottom was worn flat in places.  They were scuffed up around the sides, but I could have fixed that with some shoe polish.  The heel was a little too high for me.  The laces broke a couple years ago and they were replaced.  I could have continued to wear them or keep them in my wardrobe.  Haven’t used them in more than half a year because I have other shoes that I like better.

They were high-quality black leather shoes, water-proof, good enough to wear to work.  Condition was poor enough that I would not want to donate them.  A person with no shoes would probably be happy to have them. So, instead of putting them on the floor of my closet for ten years I decided to throw them away.  Before doing so I tied the laces so they would stay together.  Then I wrapped them in a plastic bag to protect them from the garbage.  And then put the bag in the trash bin.

I don’t know how garbage is processed, but I imagine there could possibly be an opportunity for someone who works for the garbage company.  That worker might see them and know someone who has no shoes and the same size feet as me.  This is the kind of stuff that runs through my head.


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