Storing Things for Other People

December 6, 2009

There are two people that I am storing things for.  The following two blog posts will attempt to explain why I am doing this.  Not make excuses, but to try and come to terms with how this happened and think about how I might get out of the situation.

I won’t use real names, so they will be called Friend A and Friend B.  Storing all this stuff has been an immense emotional burden, and a substantial financial one as well.  I believe it’s a giant roadblock on the path for me to regain an independent life.  I feel stuck here living in a rented bedroom in someone else’s house because of this.  Lately I’ve been thinking about buying a house, but if I do – would I take all this stuff with me?

The burden has been a motivator for me to purge a great deal of my own unused stuff, most of the year 2008 was spent on that project.  The purging stopped last spring because I was overwhelmed by other people’s things and could not continue.

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