Eye Glasses

November 29, 2009

All the eyeglasses I’ve worn since I was in 6th grade are still in my storage.  The frames that is.  There was a pair of loose lenses that were removed from a set of frames and replaced with newer lenses (no idea why I kept the old ones).  Those lenses were thrown out during the Great Purge of 2008.

I had three pairs of “reading glasses” that came with an eyesight improvement program I bought.  They had been in my car for a couple months along with some empty glasses cases.  The intent was to put them in a drop box next to the grocery store, to donate them to charity.  I finally did donate them last week (minor declutter victory).

By the way, I do have an opinion about these programs that claim you can improve your eyesight with exercise and relaxation techniques.  I was able to move my prescription from about -8.00 to -7.25 over 1.5 years, so there is some truth to the idea you can change the shape of your eye through natural therapy.  However, most of the eye’s structure is developed while a person is young and their body is growing.  So for an adult with very bad eyesight like myself there is a limit to how much improvement is possible.  Therefore I believe natural vision improvement therapy is most useful for children.

So I have all these old eye glasses.  These are kept for two reasons – they can potentially be used as spare glasses, plus they have a sentimental value from being a part of how I looked for the years I wore them.  There’s only six pair (instead of like 15 or so), because there was a period of time in my 20’s when I just wore contacts.  Also during the time I was down and out, when new glasses were needed I couldn’t afford them.  Only six of them now, but maybe they should be given to charity too.  I only wear the most recent pair.  Keeping one extra as a backup might make sense, although keeping spares isn’t very minimalist.

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