Why minimalism is better, Part 1

November 20, 2009

One reason a hoarder keeps everything at home is that it makes them feel safe.  All objects are kept because you might need them someday.  It’s reassuring to know that if you need a tool or a part of something you can pull it out of your piles of stuff, instead of having to deal with the uncertainty of trying to get it from somewhere outside your control.

I believe that being a minimalist – choosing not to keep any extra things – improves the quality of a person’s life.

An example:  Someone visits me after shopping and has a bag of loose leaf tea they want to try.  She asks me if I have a tea strainer to borrow.  If my minimalized kitchen has no tea strainer, this forces a decision.  We can go out together to shop for a tea strainer, or we can go without tea and drink something else.  Either choice is more interesting than just pulling one out of a drawer.

It may make a person feel more powerful or secure to be prepared for any possible situation.  (You need a strainer? BAM! THERE IT IS!)  But it also makes that person’s life boring.

If you can think of a better example of this idea, please comment.

One Response to “Why minimalism is better, Part 1”

  1. I like your thinking! I hadn’t thought of it as life being more interesting when everything was not to hand!

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