Move the stuff to ditch the storage unit?

October 16, 2009

Had an idea this week about how to get rid of the storage unit this year.  The unit contains stacks of cardboard boxes that belong to a friend.  I am continuing to rent this space after I moved my own things out of there, because I don’t have a place to put the friend’s boxes.  That is, I don’t have a place to put them inside the house where I’m staying.

SO here’s my idea.  There is a large shed (tiny barn) in the back yard, containing lawn mowers, garden tools, picnic table, bicycles, etc.  It’s not a good environment for storing cardboard boxes because small animals and insects get in there, and it can be damp when it rains.  What if I buy some kind of metal or plastic cabinet that can be assembled inside the shed?  Then I can place the friend boxes inside this sealed outdoor closet, and finally get rid of the storage unit!

I’d have to spend money to buy the cabinet, assemble it, and then haul all the boxes over to the house.  The expense would be offset by not having to pay the monthly rent on the storage unit.  Of course this doesn’t get the friend’s boxes back to him, it just delays the real solution to the problem.  Also I’d be buying a large garden storage shed that I’d have to deal with when I move from here.

3 Responses to “Move the stuff to ditch the storage unit?”

  1. Yep, go for it, especially if you will saving that monthly cost after a few months. Alternatively, does your friend (box owner) have any other good friends in the area that you could ask to take them instead?

  2. Well, I couldn’t find a garden storage cabinet big enough at the local big box stores. I could order one online, but I’m sour on the idea now.

    To do this I’ll have to spend $200-300, bring it home and assemble it. Then spend a couple weekends of labor hauling it in my car from the storage unit (which is in another town) to the house. Not willing to go through all that effort for someone else’s stuff.

    Getting another friend or family member to take them is probably the best solution.

  3. […] primarily to store boxes for a friend.  One idea to clear the storage space was to buy a vinyl garden shed and erect it inside the barn here at the house where I’m staying.  I didn’t do that […]

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