Visiting the Unit

October 12, 2009

This weekend I was out doing errands and had some time before a store opened.  So I was driving around aimlessly and ended up going to my storage unit for the first time in four months.  I’ve been avoiding it because of the powerless feeling about getting rid of the stuff in storage.  This summer I focused on other things at the house.  Made awesome progress there, although not (yet) down to the ideal of “desk plus 5 boxes”.

Anyway I was afraid of feeling overwhelmed by the sight of the boxes stacked up there.  Today I did not feel overwhelmed.  The stacks seemed smaller than I remembered.  Maybe because I didn’t go there to work on sorting?  I had something in the car to drop off and another thing to find next time I was there.  Got that done in a couple minutes.

Just a visit today.  But I know this has to be dealt with at some point.  I still want very much to get rid of this storage unit, but have no other place to put those boxes.

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