Next Door Potential

October 4, 2009

Last year a small house next to where I live went on the market.  It never sold, but did inspire me to spend lots of time researching real estate.  Owning property would complicate my life, and would also increase my freedom.  I’ve learned a lot about the buying process and have watched the local market for the past year.  Still I am living in a rented bedroom in someone else’s house.  I want to move (someday) but don’t have to.  For sure renting a room is less expensive than buying a house, even a tiny house.  Honestly at this point am kinda sick of all the research time and effort.  Decided that I am fine with shopping for a home next year, passing up on the “first time home buyer” tax credit for 2009.

Now I find out that the small house that got me interested in the subject is going back on the market!  The owner cleared the overgrown yard and brought in a crew to fix up the interior.  Even fixed up it’s not a great house.  Foundation needs work and the outside walls are sagging.  It still needs serious work or maybe even a rebuild from scratch.  The heart is tempted to bid on it just so I can be independent again – but the brain is pretty sure that would be a mistake.

One Response to “Next Door Potential”

  1. The renovations sound like they would be pretty intense…and always cost more than you think. Probably not a good idea unless it´s an absolute giveaway to start with!

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