Minimalist Experiment

October 2, 2009

Tonight I am going to be traveling to another town to see a show and meet family members for dinner.  I’ll be staying overnight at a hotel and returning the next day.  Because I am so focused on “stuff” there’s so much worry in my mind about what to pack for the trip.  Trying to predict which items I’ll need to have with me to handle anything that might happen.  Preparing a mental list of the things I usually pack for any trip.

This time, in order to test myself, I’m thinking about not packing.  It’s only one night away.  I haven’t been to this hotel before but I assume they will have towels, soap, tissues  that I can use.  There is no need to pack up a miniature version of my bedroom to take with me.

One of the most powerful minimalist sayings I know is “Let go, and trust.”  For this experiment I’ll let go of the need to have my stuff represented on this trip, and trust that I’ll find what I need or will be able to make do without it.

I will not take my laptop computer, although I will take my iPod.  I will not pack clothing outfits or extra shoes, but I will take along a second shirt to put on tomorrow morning.  I want to bring a toothbrush, but maybe I can do without a hair comb.  So I will have a little bag, but not a heavy carry-on bag.  We’ll see how it goes!

One Response to “Minimalist Experiment”

  1. Aside from what I wore and a jacket, I brought:

    fleece pullover
    cell phone
    and a messenger bag to carry them.

    I had chargers for the gadgets but didn’t need them. Never have I brought so little on a trip, and could have brought less.

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