Losing things in the mess

August 23, 2009

Just when I think I’m about to run out of things for eBay, I uncover another box of stuff that I’ve been saving to sell.  Like peeling an onion.  Listed 8 things last week and sold 3 of them.

Today I was looking for a CD that I made last year.  It wasn’t in the usual pile of CDs or DVDs.  So I started looking through desk drawers, and sifting through piles of old mail.  Searched the same piles more than 3 times, but still not there.  Then I was moving stacked boxes so I could look inside them to see if I had CDs stored anywhere else.  Had to lean against the wall with one hand at an angle, while moving stuff with the other hand reaching down.  Could not stand next to the boxes because of all the stuff on the floor.

I hate it when I know I have something but can’t find it.

Unfortunately did find a box of glassware that I thought had already made it out of this room.  Ugh – now I need to deal with getting rid of it (again?).

There’s also a VHS tape that I have been looking for in my piles of stuff for a couple of months.  I feel sure it’s still here somewhere because I haven’t sorted through any videos yet.  It was a dubbed copy of another video, so maybe it’s here but I didn’t label it clearly?

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