In-Between Items Out the Door

August 8, 2009

Some items do not fit into the KEEP TOSS SELL framework.  I don’t use or love them, so I shouldn’t keep them.  They are not garbage, so I won’t toss them.  Their monetary value is low enough that it’s not worth trying to sell them on eBay or Craigslist.  They are In-Between items.  I had a box of them collecting on my floor.

This past week someone asked me if I had anything that could be donated to a local charity that was doing a garage sale to raise money.  This is an excellent use for the in-betweens!  A few more things were found by rifling through some other boxes.  I also gave her stuff that I had tried to freecycle without success.  There was some hesitation on whether or not to give away some items that I was on the fence about.  A couple of these made it into the box of donations.

I didn’t donate everything though, there were a few things I felt compelled to take back.  One T-shirt that I won’t wear but feel embarassed about donating because of the slogan on it.  A mechanical calendar gadget that used to be on my grandfather’s desk.  A small set of vintage plates that I can’t part with yet.

She was thanking me for donating to the cause, but I felt very thankful as well for a chance to move some things out of here.  Things that I didn’t know what to do with.

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