Lifting the Veil

June 28, 2009

These past few months I had been so narrow-mindedly focused on getting rid of the storage unit, that the clutter surrounding me has been invisible.  It is a strange phenomena that when stuff is piled up against the wall, and I don’t have the energy to deal with it, the stuff kind of blends in with the wall and I don’t see it.

Had to change my approach to that which remains in the storage unit.  Moved the last of the unsorted friend’s boxes out of the house and back into storage, so that there are only things here that I own, not mixed with anyone else’s stuff.  The frustration of having the friend’s boxes here was making me ill because it’s out of my control.  Had to separate it from my sight for now.

Once my focus on getting rid of the storage unit was relaxed, my attention began to involuntarily re-focus onto the local real estate market.  Why?

  1. I don’t like living in someone else’s house.
  2. I have a stable job and my credit is good.  Small house/condo may be affordable.
  3. House prices have stopped climbing in the past year.
  4. First time home buyer’s tax credit this year, up to $8,000.
  5. Owning property is a hedge against inflation that may be triggered by recent increases in government spending.

So I’d been near-obsessed with learning all I can about buying land, houses, condos, and also new construction.  The little house that got me interested a year ago is also not sold yet.  Learned a lot but it’s not productive to just research for hours every day without a plan.  The obsession has to stop and my eyes must open to the things stacked up on my floor that still need to be dealt with.

Goal for this weekend – pick out at least five things to offer on Freecycle.  Get them out the door this week.

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