April 19, 2009

I have two bicycles stored outside in a shed.  Sometimes I think about selling one or both of them.

The 10-Speed.
Not used in a really long time, more than 20 years.
Would need many new parts: tires, chain, brakes, cables, handlebar tape.
Sturdy high quality design – was solid last time I used it.
My first adult bike!

The Mountain Bike.
More comfortable ride.
Nice features like: index shifting, oval gear ring, removable wheels.
Light weight, wide tires.
Bought it in the late 80’s, so this is my “new” bike.

Haven’t been out bike riding in a few years. If I get back into it, I’d have one of these two older bikes rebuilt instead of getting a new one. You know, I had not realized how long it’s been since I was bike riding. I used to do it at least a couple times a month during the summer. I stopped about two years before I started my weight loss so that means it’s been six years since I used them!

Three options:

1. Face the fact that I’m not interested in bike riding anymore and get rid of both bikes. If I decide to get back into it someday in the future, get another bike at that time.

2. Sell the mountain bike and fix up the ten speed.  The mountain bike was worth over $500 when I got it, so it should still have some value.  I’d like to ride the ten speed again, and have been thinking about fixing it for a really long time.  Is this just nostalgia?  Unsure if it would still be a solid ride after all this time, even with new parts.

3. Give away the ten speed (not worth selling in present condition) and fix up the mountain bike.

2 Responses to “Bicycles”

  1. I think you should definitely get rid of the 10 speed bike as you haven’t used it in so long.

    After that, maybe give yourself a deadline (a month?) for the mountain bike, if you haven’t fixed it up or used it by your chosen date, then you sell that one.

    Just my thoughts 🙂

  2. […] for a road bike, and it reminded me that I still had two old bicycles stored in a shed, that I wrote about last year.  So I wrote back and offered up the 10-speed.  And now less than a day later it’s gone.  […]

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