ruled by stuff

March 29, 2009

As a packrat/hoarder, my mind was ruled by stuff because it was everywhere in my life.  Now that I am striving to become a minimalist, strangely my mind is still focused on stuff.  The difference is, instead of being overwhelmed daily by the “visual noise” of the piles of junk, my mind naturally drifts to thinking about what I actually need/want and what I can do without.  But I’m still thinking about possessions.

I wanted to be free of this, to no longer be trapped by physical items.  The hope was that getting rid of things would lead to the freedom to learn, travel, create art, meet people, and generally enjoy life.  Maybe that’s not true.

2 Responses to “ruled by stuff”

  1. Stuff can definitely be a distraction. It’s less of a distraction for me now that I have less stuff, but I do occasionally think about getting rid of this or that. It doesn’t help that we still have a few piles of stuff that need to be sold or given away.

    You do have to consciously change your habits, though, so that your life doesn’t revolve around the stuff. I’m a bit of an introvert, so it’s tough for me, but I know that I have to plan to get out and do things like spend time with people. I don’t know about you, but it seems that a lot of packrats are introverts. At the very least, it’s usually hard to have people over when you’re embarrassed by clutter.

  2. Renia Says:

    It sounds almost like a different type of obsession… I am fixated on getting rid of things right now, but I also find myself making lists of things I would like to own one day 😦

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