March 17, 2009

Years ago I had a massive set of keys that I carried everywhere.  The size of my key set was an indicator of how complex my life was.  My belief was that my life would be streamlined by letting go of the need to hold so many keys.  It has been simplified a great deal since then.  Right now I have four keys on my key ring.

1. car
2. house
3. mailbox
4. storage unit

I used to drive a Plymouth that had separate keys for the locks and the ignition – so I carried two keys for one car.  My current vehicle uses one key for everything, which I prefer.  There’s a keyless entry gadget too, but I hardly ever take it along because of the bulk and the batteries don’t last.

The mailbox key I really don’t need to carry with me because it’s only used once a week.  But I do like to have all my keys in one place so they’re easier to keep track of.

The storage unit key will be gone after I stop renting the unit, hopefully this year.  Going from 4 to 3 keys will be a significant improvement!

No fob.  I stopped using a key fob to make the set lighter.  I just use a simple metal key ring.  Also stopped carrying junk like a little jacknife, flashlight, screwdriver, etc.  Just keys on the key ring.

One Response to “Keys”

  1. […] Last weekend I moved the last few boxes out of my rented storage unit and handed in the key.  My key ring now has 3 keys instead of 4, and I notice it every time I pick them up.  May not fully realize it […]

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