Digital Music

January 21, 2009

There was a question on the post about Downsizing Audio Equipment.  Did I ever get an iPod?  Well yes, I did get an iPod Touch.  The intent was to minimalize my audio electronics.  But, I still have the monolithic boombox on my desk.  The iPod is being used mostly as a pocket-sized internet browser.  Thanks for reminding me though, I had lost track of that goal.

There haven’t been any radio/speaker sets with ipod dock that I have liked enough to buy.  The iHome has nice features, but some reviews say they’re not very durable.  Also I am concerned about audio quality.  If they say it sounds “good for a clock radio”, then is that good enough to replace a desktop stereo?

Before the boombox is sold I’ll have to go through the boxes of audio cassettes and see if there’s anything I want to keep or convert to digital.  Maybe I can get to that before Winter ends.  I am reluctant to get a iPod speaker radio now because then I’ll have another thing on my crowded desk.

One Response to “Digital Music”

  1. I bought a Sony clock radio with an iPod dock at Bestbuy. It was a good deal because I had a gift card from a Christmas gift, so it was about half price. The boombox is on the floor right now, and I am trying out the new setup. The sound is not as “rich” because of the smaller speakers but it does sound good enough for my taste. Also the radio seems to be pulling in stations better due to an external antenna. Also it has a remote control, which is nice. I am thinking of selling the boombox after I transfer old audio cassettes to digital format.

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