Sharing the Insanity

January 12, 2009

Now that the “holiday season” busy-ness is over, I’m thinking about how to approach this project for the new year.  Huge gains were made in 2008 towards getting rid of the storage unit.  However it is still there, rent payments are still going out every month, and all the junk is just sitting there on the cold damp cement floor.  It is difficult (but not impossible) to get there in the winter because of the snow and ice build-up on the walkway.  One key success I had last year was getting all the big stuff moved out, so the remaining stuff is in bankers boxes or small furniture that could be moved by me alone with my car.  Many trips, but do-able without renting a truck or getting people to help me.

Therefore I see two ways to approach it.  One is to wait until the Spring thaw to get back there and continue going through boxes, throwing things out, separating things to sell or give away.  The landlord will get another 4-5 months rent out of me this way.  On the positive side it would give me a chance to focus now on reducing the stuff I have piled up here in my rented bedroom.

The other way is to just haul everything out of there and stop renting the space by the end of January.  I’ll still have to sort through the boxes, but at least I wouldn’t be wasting money on storage rent.  Not sure where I’d put it all, probably would have to talk my hosts into letting me use a corner of their basement.  I fear becoming overwhelmed by having all this junk with me in one location.  Having it stored somewhere else seems to make it easier to deal with – bringing 1 or 2 boxes back and dealing with it a little at a time.

After thinking about this dilemma for a long while, sometimes I step back mentally from it and realize how crazy it is to be in a position where I have to make these kind of choices.

3 Responses to “Sharing the Insanity”

  1. Jenn C Says:

    After just reading this, my first impression is that it seems that it might be more productive to work on your house/bedroom first and really prepare that space by purging/sorting what you already have in your living space first. Then, as you can handle it (and as the spring thaw approaches) begin by taking a few boxes at a time, which can always turn into a big move emptying out the storage, by then, you’ll have room to work through them. Especially since you wrote that it seems easier to deal with this way. If it’s easier, then you’ll be more likely to make good progress, right?

    Just some thoughts.. good luck on the process.

  2. Jenn C Says:

    After writing my previous post, I wondered, was my idea to keep the storage unit just another part of my own inability to let go and move forward. If you were, for example, to bring all those boxes to your place of residence, wouldn’t it force you to do something with them? Don’t know which approach is better.

    Good luck with the process anyway,

  3. Thanks Jenn

    Nothing is going to happen by the end of January, so maybe next month. Maybe I should repeat what I did last year, and focus on what is here during the winter (my Five Box Goal) and then dive into the storage unit after it warms up. Complicating this is a voicemail I just got from the guy who left a garage-full of stuff in my storage unit!! When I call back he might give me permission to purge, or he might demand that not one piece of paper go in the trash.

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