Christmas Gifts Found

December 25, 2008

Several of the gifts for my siblings this year were from my gigantic pile of stuff, which has been dramatically reduced this past year. I found a few powerful memory-invokers to share with family members, who may react to them in the same way I did, to keep them as a reminder of their personal history.  Because I am learning that I do not need to keep everything, it seems appropriate to pass one or two things onto others who might appreciate forgotten memories stirred up by an object from their own past.

One Response to “Christmas Gifts Found”

  1. Jenn C Says:

    Hi. I’ve posted a few times now. I enjoy your blog and am enjoying my own decluttering process at home. Well, ‘enjoying’ in relation to my clutter might be an overstatement. I’m working through it anyway.

    I found this neat site and liked this post.. thought you might too..

    I do this – keep new things untouched when using them would make more sense.

    Happy New Year to you!

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