Holiday Confusion

December 7, 2008

Last December, not much was accomplished on the reduction project, and I fear it will be the same this year.  Paid for another month on the storage unit last week.  Will not be the last month either – there won’t be time to go there and sort through things like those moldy books.  I may be able to take a weekend and just transport everything to another location with several trips in my SUV, but I don’t really have a place to put it all.  Easier for now to just keep on paying for the storage.

Had a few bursts of energy over the last couple weeks, where I opened up some of the boxes here in my rented bedroom, or tried to reorganize piles of paper.  As a result there are too many open boxes and unfinished projects piled up everywhere on the floor, chairs, and part of the bed.  Getting hard to find a pathway to walk through here!  This weekend I want to at least separate them all into categories: things to keep for me, things to keep for my friends, things to sell on ebay, things to donate to charity, things to give away to freecycle, and things to trash.  It’s all unorganized enough that when I buy something new and bring it in here it gets dropped into any open place in the chaos, instead of being put away properly.

With Christmas approaching, I’m spending more hours at work.  Also have the stress of buying or making presents.  I’ll be busy this month, just not on minimalizing.

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