Kitchen Items Donated

November 23, 2008

To others it may seem a minor victory, but for me it’s a huge relief.  I had been collecting kitchen items like: plates, mugs, flatware, bowls, spatulas, pots & pans, strainers, can openers, pot holders, and many other bits and pieces.  They were from my old apartment, from my late grandparent’s house, things given to me by people who were moving, and more recently items found while going through my friend’s abandoned tower of boxes.  About three years ago while sorting through the storage unit I began putting kitchen stuff together to try and be “organized”.  It was quite a collection!

Last year I made the decision to donate it to charity.  From the collection I kept only those things that were extremely useful or had unquestionable sentimental value.  I got the keepers down to one box of dishware and one box of kitchen gadgets. It was hard to decide what to keep, and several items were in a gray zone between must-keep and get-rid.  I’m between kitchens right now and much of these things would definitely be used again in the future when I set up my next kitchen.  However, it’s all just sitting in boxes taking up space, so it fits the definition of “clutter” just because of my living situation.

My aspirations of becoming a minimalist drove me to put almost all the gray zone stuff in with the donations.  Some were unbelievably hard to deal with.  Limiting the keepers to one box of gadgets helped me decide when a couple things just would not fit in the box.  I got that idea from Peter Walsh – setting space limits and using the available space to force a decision.

Last week I finally called a local charity that distributes furnishings to persons in need.  It took a few days to arrange for a pickup time, but in one day I was able to give away the whole pile.  It almost didn’t seem real for a couple days.  I kept looking where the boxes used to be stacked, expecting them to be there.  I’ve been the caretaker of that collection for such a long time, and now it’s out of my hands, and off my back!

The items I was unsure about giving away are gone now, and I couldn’t get them back if I tried.  And that feels okay now.  When I do set up my next kitchen I’ll be able to buy new stuff and customize the space to my needs.


4 Responses to “Kitchen Items Donated”

  1. Jenn Says:

    This sounds like a big victory. Congrats! The same thing happens to me. When I get rid of things, even if it’s items that i can rationalize are for the best to part with and pass on, I find I look at the space they used to occupy. It’s odd to see that space open and uncluttered (even if it’s just one corner of a drawer). I have to struggle not to start thinking about what I can put in that space. I find my mind wanders with lofty ideas of what to fill it in with.. if i could take the box out of the closet and finally unpack it, and that —-(whatever item) might fit nicely there, and so on. Do you have the same problem? Or do you celebrate the openness of that space and enjoy it? How do you cope?

  2. That pile of kitchen boxes was like an irritating noise that I experienced whenever I walked past it. Now that the space is empty that “noise” is gone and it is blissfully silent.

    I am worried that maybe I gave away things that I will want to use in the future. Some items I am already regretting giving away. Giving away so much stuff at once was kind of a shock, which I’m still dealing with. Thanks for commenting!

  3. re: the question on how do I cope: I am a procrastinator, so I generally attempt to cope by ignoring things and hoping they sort themselves out. 🙂 Seriously though, I try to move on and concentrate on some new issue instead of dwelling on something like an open space.

  4. […] with me so my potential future kitchen will have a few special homey items?  Much of that stuff is already gone, I kept only things with strong memories attached.  Rethinking the need for these is harder than […]

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