Storage Continues

October 26, 2008

Paid my November rent on the storage unit today.  The temperatures have dropped so much lately I am wondering if I missed my chance to clear the space out before winter.  Made so much progress this summer, more than I have in years! I’d be done by now if all I had to deal with was my own stuff.  The storage unit is now mainly holding the boxes that in 1999 I agreed to “temporarily” store for my friend, who hasn’t responded to phone messages or email in six months.

Storing things for others has been the bane of my existence.   Not recommended.

One positive thing – I freecycled a large chair that has been wedged into this bedroom since 1995. Never had a place to put it, and didn’t like it anyway.  Kept it because it belonged to someone else.  Just got permission to give it away a couple weeks ago, and now it’s gone.

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