Downsizing Audio Equipment

September 18, 2008

I’m thinking about buying an iPod.  Don’t worry, I’m not giving in to a consumerist urge to buy something just for the sake of having a new toy.  Buying an iPod might be a way to minimize audio equipment.

My current audio setup consists of a large old “boom box” type stereo with two cassette decks and a single CD player, along with AM/FM radio.  I also have at least one bankers box full of old cassette tapes which I never listen to, about 40 CD’s, and a small collection of songs I bought from iTunes.  The stereo is a rather large black plastic monolith with takes up a big part of my desk.

The idea is to sell the stereo and replace it with an iPod and a radio/speaker unit.  That would take up much less desk space.  With no tape player, there’s no need to hang onto the box of cassettes, so they could be thrown out or given away.  The CD collection can be loaded into iTunes and copied onto the iPod.  I’d keep the CD’s of course so I can legally play the music, but they can be packed away instead of sitting around my desk in piles of clutter.  The speaker set would have an AM/FM radio built in so I can still listen to my stations, and it may include a remote control which I don’t have now.

A more radical idea is to get rid of the stereo and tapes, and not replace it with anything.  Do I really need a set of speakers on my desk?  The computer with iTunes could be the music player.  I would miss having a radio, which I use every day.  I’m no audiophile, but the little built-in speakers on my computer aren’t very good for music.

Anyway, there’s no definite plan yet for this, but I do think that I need to go digital to reduce my audio stuff.  Any suggestions?

2 Responses to “Downsizing Audio Equipment”

  1. Gail Says:

    I just discovered your blog from a link on becoming minimalist. I also am thinking about getting an ipod for the same reasons you listed. I am wondering if you did get an ipod and if so is that working out for you?
    Was it worth the expense? I would really like to get rid of my monster boom box which I hardly ever use anyway.

  2. […] There was a question on the post about Downsizing Audio Equipment.  Did I ever get an iPod?  Well yes, I did get an iPod Touch.  The intent was to minimalize my […]

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