Reduction Hiatus

September 7, 2008

Little has happened this past month on the reduction project, partly due to going on a summer trip, but mostly feeling overwhelmed by how much has to be done.  The small house for sale in the neighborhood has been a distraction, but I must stop thinking about it because it’s in such poor condition that it needs to be torn down and rebuilt.  I can’t afford to build a house from scratch.

My goal was to get rid of the storage unit by the end of August, but I’m still renting it.  My mind is still spinning from one whirlwind week in July when I sold off lots of furniture and tossed so many things in the trash.  I suppose my biggest problem is how powerless I seem to be regarding getting rid of the other people’s things.  One way or another though, I want to empty that storage unit before the snow falls – otherwise I’ll be stuck renting it for another winter.

Been thinking that I should change the name of this blog to better illustrate what it is about.  The Bakelite Doorbell is a symbol of the problem I have with stuff, but a web surfer seeing the name wouldn’t think it was about minimalism, anti-consumerism, clutter psychology and such.  Most of the web searches that land here are people looking for actual doorbells!

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