Progress in the Storage Unit

July 2, 2008

I was in the accursed storage unit yesterday to work on reducing the volume of junk.  Got rid of two pieces of furniture – sold one and gave the other one away.  Spent hours sorting through boxes of old musty papers and throwing out most of it.

In my previous post on the storage unit I said that I was storing boxes for a friend who now lives in another state and changes the subject whenever I ask about taking this stuff back.  Well, yesterday was the first time I started going through his boxes and throwing things out.  I felt a little guilty about tossing things which might have sentimental value.  Later I wrote an email to him saying this:

2008 is the year of letting go.  It is the year of releasing pent up energy from the past out into the universe and embracing the future.  Please remember this kind thought and try not to hate me.

The insanity of long-term self storage really struck home with me when I started finding things like unused blank paper, candles half-melted from the summer heat, hundreds of dried-up ballpoint pens, moldy envelopes that can’t be used, etc.  In short stuff which can very easily be replaced.  I have been paying a significant amount of money every month to store this garbage!  Even if you take into account the useful tools and furniture, I could have repurchased everything in there many times with the money spent storing it over the years.

Realizations like this make me so glad that I am finally doing something about this.

3 Responses to “Progress in the Storage Unit”

  1. jillbeth Says:

    A great post! In my business, we run across many self-storage units with all manner of junk inside; a lot of good merchandise,too, but as you point out, it is ridiculous to keep paying for possessions you don’t need and may never be able to use again.

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