Reducing Book Volume

April 6, 2008

Sorting through the books is hard because there are so many of them and holding each one in my hands brings to mind an unfinished project or a pleasant memory.  I need to find a way to decide what to discard without summoning those memories and feelings.  Maybe I can do this by taking an inventory, and then deciding what goes based only on the list.  The bankers boxes contain a total of 120 books.  Some I think I can let go right away, especially ones I’ve read that could easily be replaced.  Some I wanted to read when I bought them but never did – so not a great loss if I never read them.  Others I definitely do want to read, but can chuck them after I do.  Some reference books, and personal history type things I want to keep.  I should take the inventory away from here, to a diner and over lunch choose what to keep or toss.  Maybe put them into categories and only keep a certain number within each category.

3 Responses to “Reducing Book Volume”

  1. I actually did this. Got up early Sunday morning and went out for breakfast at the local diner. Went over the book list, and decided that it might work better to separate the books physically into categories first. I picked out a few keepers, a few to let go of, and many undecideds.

  2. simplydeviant Says:

    I love reading and at one time I had hundreds of books. I now own only one. I keep it because I read and highlight it often.
    I was given a kindle and I love it, it hold 1500 books! I would suggest an e-reader for your must haves and for books you will read over and over.
    I also have 2 library cards and my suggestion is that the reference/history books you are keeping you can always find at the library when you need them, and its FREE. All the books I had I can get either at the library when I am in the mood to read them or I can buy them on my kindle and they don’t cost more than the price of a new paperback.

    • Thanks for good suggestion. I have been thinking about the Kindle for a while, but am resisting getting another electronic gadget. I do have an iPod Touch that I can read pdf files on. It has an Apple book store but I haven’t used it to buy ebooks.

      Having only one physical book is impressive! I am down to two boxes plus part of a shelf. I know I could reduce the volume further if I could “let go” of some reasons to keep them.

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