Advice for a friend

March 12, 2008

Dear Friend in limbo

If you have anything with you that is being kept because you believe it has POTENTIAL* value, then I advise you to get rid of it.

Why? Because any physical object that you are possessing because of it’s potential usefulness or value is holding you in your current situation. These things are like spiritual anchors. Or links in a chain that is binding you to your current state of being.
*POTENTIAL means that:
1. You are saving it because it may be useful if a desired situation occurs. Don’t worry about that. If one day you are in a place where you truly need it, you can get another one.
2. You are saving it because you think it might have value to someone else. Don’t waste your energy imagining what someone else might think at some point in the future. Sell it right now for anything you can get. If you can’t sell it, give it away or trash it.
PS. Don’t get rid of money. Money is different because it is a commodity – it has actual, not potential value. Keep the commodities.

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