Goal For 2008

January 7, 2008

This reduction project has stalled during the end-of-year holiday season.  So much other stuff going on!  Now that it’s a new year I am thinking about how I can proceed.

There will be a new round of ebay auctions starting soon, because I still have a couple of boxes of loose items left that I’m ready to sell.  That is a minor thing though – just another step forward in a general direction.  For 2008 there should be more perspective.  A larger vision of what I am doing.

My goal for this year is to stop renting my storage unit.  It will not be easy, for reasons I’ll reveal in a later post.  I have made the same promise to myself the past two years, but this time I’m saying it “publically” on this blog, so maybe I’ll be more motivated to make it happen this time.  Much of the preliminary work has already been done.  Such as: pulling out boxes, sorting through them, selling or tossing much of the contents.  Leftover boxes are stacked up next to my bed for now, and I want to reduce them further.  There’s still lots of furniture in storage to deal with.  And a giant pile of stuff that doesn’t even belong to me.  Or does it?  How long must you store junk for someone else before it becomes your property?

I’ve been thinking about my motivations for doing this project.  They are many and deep.  The aspiration is to a monk-like existence, yet not as part of a religious group.  I think it’s called secular asceticism.  The goal being to purify the body and mind, leading to a state of inner peace and freedom.

One Response to “Goal For 2008”

  1. simplydeviant Says:

    I just found your blog and love it. I know this is late since I read you finally are out of the storage unit but in one blog you said they didn’t even pay you to store their stuff and I wanted to say that when you are PAYING to store others things those things are now yours ten fold! Think about it, you probably paid more in rent than any of the stuff is actually worth! If it were me after the first month of non payment I would have said either pay up or get it out I give you X amount of time and then I will do what I want with it. Not the best way to keep friends but honestly it seems they aren’t being good friends by expecting you to PAY to store things that don’t belong to you. Would have been different had it been your garage you were storing it in but you were PAYING to store it regardless of whether you were paying to store your own stuff or not already. Just my two cents, hope that doesn’t offend you and I know its besides the point now.

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