Getting Rid of Things

December 2, 2007

This blog is about getting rid of things. It’s not just about clutter and organization. It’s more about letting go of that which binds you to your past. Physical possessions can hold a person down, reducing their flexibility and options in life, as well as create stress and worry and anxiety. Getting this type of junk out of your life frees you from the limiting factor and anxiety, and it very liberating. Freedom is the goal, and it is good.

The scope of “letting go” is wider than just physical stuff. It is also liberating to get rid of other types of things, like: unwanted responsibilities, bad relationships, promises that you can’t keep, even excess body weight.

When going through a file cabinet, I found some folders containing all the projects that I had started since I was a teenager. Writing projects, research projects, ideas for inventions, plans for things to build, sketches for future art creations, etc. A few projects were done but most were unfinished. I tossed most of the files when I realized that I’ll probably never move forward with them. The relief I felt was huge. A few pounds of paper were trashed, however the greatest release was letting go of the emotional attachment to the ideas.

Years ago I had started projects with an implied promise to myself that someday I would follow through. I didn’t finish most of them, and the unresolved intentions weighed on me, perhaps more than I realized. After years (decades!!) with no attention, a decision had to be made. Do I still want to complete this project, or can I decide that it’s time has past and I’ll never work on it again.

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