November 16, 2007

In a previous post I told about a feeling of being uncomfortable with stuff being gone. Stuff that is useless to me that should be gone, but I had somehow created a mental picture of myself surrounded by all this junk and felt like my personal identity was harmed by it not being where I subconsciously expected it to be. Does that make sense?

Anyway I am using this mental trick to overcome that feeling. I moved all of the stuff out of one corner of the bedroom and piled it up along the opposite wall, then took a picture of the space with just a dresser, chair, and rug. Then I moved it all back, and did the same thing with the other side of the room. Now I have photos of the room the way I want it to be, neat and uncluttered. I’ll look at these photos often to visualize the room that way, so I can get used to the idea of not having all the boxes and bags piled up in here. I’m trying to teach my brain to recreate my subconscious personal identity so that it matches my goal. No idea if this will work, hope so.

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