Electronics Off My Mind

November 9, 2007

Just wanted to report that I am feeling some relief and amazement right now. I was able to drop off an old laser printer and external modem at an electronics recycling company. The printer worked and had the box/manual/software/cables, but I hadn’t used it in more than seven years. It was always taking up space wherever I moved to. Same with the modem – it had an old connector type so it couldn’t be used with modern computers. I tried selling them on eBay – no bidders. Tried giving them away through freecycle, a church sale, local computer repair guy, notices on bulletin boards – but nobody was interested. I could not just put a working printer in the trashcan. Actually that might not be allowed anyway because of toxic materials. This printer seemed destined to be with me for the long haul, and it was stressful to look at or think about it – I wanted it GONE.

Found the recycling company from a radio ad and a web search. They normally charge for recycling because they deal with large quantities for corporations. But the website said no charge for small computer items. Found the place and spoke to a guy inside. He said I can put it on the loading dock next to a pile of monitors. I did so. Gave them a box full of “perfectly good” RS-232 serial cables as well. A particularly annoying burden has been lifted from me today – I can’t believe they are finally out of my life!! This is awesome.

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