Elementary School Artwork

August 24, 2007

Made a little progress on trash night today. Looked around for something (anything!) to throw away before the trash goes out as I didn’t do any sorting this week. I had a box with a pile of old artwork and book reports from when I was in elementary school. I tossed all of it tonight, and put as much paper as I could into the recycling bin. Interesting to see some printouts of computer programs I wrote in FORTRAN and Pascal many years ago for a class. Tossed them as well, they’d never be used again. So a few pounds of paper are gone.

Also in that box were my wall calendars from years 1983-1995 or so. I could not throw these away yet. There is stuff written on them that I want to go through before I get rid of them, in case there’s some information I should remember or keep track of. Probably not, but I can’t bring myself to throw them away before I examine them – and I’m too mentally exhausted from the school papers to look at them now, so they go back in the box.

One Response to “Elementary School Artwork”

  1. Jenn Says:

    I can’t believe what I’m reading, I could have written this post! I keep boxes of things that I don’t use in rooms and closets that I no longer use, I have calendars (sometimes several for each year) that I keep just so I can go through them and take out any possible information that I might have written and would need. But realistically, what could I find in a calendar from 1986 that I haven’t known about up till now that I might need to know in some distant future? This I ask myself, yet the calendars remain in the boxes.

    Thanks again for sharing your journey. Looking forward to reading more..

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